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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ancient Secrets : Quest for the Golden Key

In Ancient Secrets, you will play as Kate, a new and upcoming archaeologist who travels the world to find the long lost keys to the Tekka civilization.
The story begins over 400 years ago when the Tekka civilization was facing eminent attack by conquerors. The elders of the civilization collected all of the artifacts including all of their written history and hid them away. They created a key that was split into many pieces and spread them throughout the land. Legend says only the chosen one can bring the pieces of the key together and unlock the treasures of the Tekka civilization.

Spec :
Windows XP, Vista, 800 Mhz 128 MB RAM, DirectX
File size : 65 MB.

Download :

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Note : This is a great game! HOG and puzzle lover should play this game!!!


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