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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Earn $50 from YouSayToo (YST)!

Hi there!
I was doing blog-walking today and found this valuable article.

If you like to do blogging, posting journal, publishing your images and also playing flash game, then you should join this affiliate.
It's just the same with blogging, but you'll earn money at the first time you sign-up. The value is $50!!! Can you imagine that??

I felt very interested with this article and decided to join. Voila! I do earn that $50..

And if you want to add your money, you simply ask your friend to join this program too. There is also another way of adding money, ie : Google adsense revenue sharing program.

So, what are you waiting for??

All you have to do is just follow this 3 steps :

  1. Register at YouSayToo here.. Join YST now!
  2. To get information about your account balance, sign-up at YouSayToo affiliate here.. YST Affiliate
  3. Ask your friends to join this program too.

Note :
Thanks to Mas Syahuri for the info!


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