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Saturday, December 20, 2008

How to create a PayPal account?

There are many ways to earn money online.

Once you've earned it, the provider will ask you about your payment account. One of the most populer way is through PayPal.

I feel confused for the first time, since I've no experiences with any online transactions. Thanks God a friend of mine, Mas Zawa (again), give me good advices and I start to do it step by step.

1. Register at PayPal site.

2. Or for further guidance, simply follow the instructions from this site : How To Make PayPal Indonesia.

3. After completing task 2, now you've to verify your PayPal account. In order to do that, you've to own credit card. The easy way is to own virtual credit card (VCC). Click here to read more info about retrieving VCC.

Done! Now you've PayPal account. Start hunting your bucks via PayPal!!!

Note :

Thanks to Mas Zawa and Palupi Dewi for the infos.


arsha said...

ini yang aku cari cz aku mau buat accountnya tuh...makasih infonya ya

denani said...

Sama2, Arsha.. sering2 mampir yak.. :)

tarzan said...

mam, ini tolong jelasin donk, napa VCC nya mesti beli? itu hasil nge-hack CC orang ya? ga mau banget kalo gitu.

Trus kalo pake VCC, misal ada yg kirim duit ke paypal kita, isa terima ga?

Soalnya mo pake CC asli takut kalo di hack.

Denani's music! said...

Hi Tarzan,
Kita harus punya CC untuk verifikasi akun PayPal. Klo ga punya CC asli, jalan laen yah punya VCC. Tujuannya yah untuk verifikasi tadi.. ga ngerti itu hasil hack atau apa, tapi di aku fine2 aja.
Dah bbrp kali nerima uang via PayPal hasil VCC (dari review produk di Ciao!). Ok kok! :sip:

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