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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I miss you, Joe!

Really miss to hear Joe's songs..

Do you know what?? He is my idol!! Love his songs, love his style, love his guitars...
My fave songs of Joe are :

  • Always With Me, Always With You

  • Love Song

  • Made Of Tears

  • Crowd Chant, and many more..

Everytime I hear Joe's songs, my heart beats faster.. feel very cozy..

You guys should listen to his songs too..


Arie said...

meskipun gk gt2 kalee apal ma lagu2nya s joe..

ikutan vote dech.

vote for the joe!...

denani said...

Sip, Bang!!!
Daripada dgr dangdut... qeqeqeqe...

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