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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lost In Love

Director : Rachmania Arunita

Writer : Rachmania Arunita

Genre : Drama / Comedy / Roman
Duration : + 90"
Release Date : 22 Mei 2008

Have you watched this movie? I think the story is too childish for me qeqeqe but it still nice and SO DAMN funny.
I can't stop laughing from the beginning till the end of the movie. And I bet Pevita Pearce (as tita in the movie) will sooner be a famous movie star, the next Dian Sastro maybe?! Hmm, just wait and see.
She acts very well, natural and pretty cute too.
I've no more comment about this movie. I think it's not fair for you if you haven't watched this movie yet. So, be my guest... download it for free..

Download the movie from IDWS (2 cds) :
CD 1 and CD 2

Credit goes to original uploader! Also thanks to Henosuke! Peace yo!

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Ani said...

Wah aku kok nggak tahu ya film ini ? Habis lebih sering lihat film action he..he..

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