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Friday, January 2, 2009


Director : Rako Prijanto
Producer : Rapi Films
Writer : Titien Wattimena
Characters : Tora Sudiro, Rianti Cartwright, Indra Birowo, Darius Sinathrya, Gary Iskak, Ruly Lubis
Music by : Bongky BIP

D'bijis is a story about band reunion. A rising group band called The Bandits on the 80s was falling apart after vandalism happened in one of their show. Bonie (Darius Sinathrya) the band lead vocalist was the one who responsible for the incident. Damon, Bule, Soljah and Gendro were moving on their lives until on 2007, Asti (Rianti Cartwright), Bonie’s sister is trying to gather the band members. One by one Asti tried to convince them to get together in the band. Will she success?? Watch this movie to find out!

Download movie from IDWS :
CD 1 and CD 2

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