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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix (English version)

In 2003, at 15, Harry's adventures continue in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix".
After the events that conclude the previous book, Harry saves himself and his cousin Dudley from two dementors near the Dursleys home. In trouble for having used magic as an underage wizard, Harry is brought before a court at the Ministry of Magic. Thanks to Professor Dumbledore, Harry's attendance at Hogwarts is saved, but the Ministry of Magic thinks Harry is a liar.
To keep a lid on Harry & Dumbledore, the Ministry makes the lives of Hogwarts' staff and students (especially Harry) miserable with the arrival of Professor Dolores Umbridge direct from the Ministry.
Not only does she personally make Harry's life miserable, Harry has to take extra lessons from Professor Snape! However, something that Lord Voldemort desperately wants takes his band of Death Eaters and their battle with the Order to the secret halls of the Ministry itself resulting in a terrible price for Harry.

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