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Friday, January 16, 2009

Pixar Short Films Collections HDRIP! (Part 2)

...... Continued from Part 1

4) “Tin Toy” (1988)

The early origins of Toy Story can be found here, in the form of animated toys coming to life, but hands down, this may be the most frightening piece of animation in the existence of the art form. Pixar’s first stab at human-realistic computer animation with horrendous results, an animated human baby comes to life like a rubber doll possessed by Satan himself. A frighteningly fascinating glimpse into the emerging art form, but, holy crap, that baby scares me.

imdb rating: 7.1/10

Download here

5) “Knick Knack” (1989)

Released theatrically alongside Finding Nemo, “Knick Knack” may be the best-known example of the features presented here, as well as Pixar’s continual fascination with animating inanimate objects—in this case, a snowman trapped in a snow globe looking for his freedom. Hilarious and charming.

imdb rating: 8/10

Download here

6) “Geri’s Game” (1997)

An Oscar winner for Best Animated Short Film, released theatrically alongside A Bug’s Life, “Geri’s Game” depicts a lonely man in the park playing chess against an oddly familiar opponent. Eight years after the previous short, the improvement in the technical skills of the Pixar animation team is evident here, bringing humans to life in a convincing fashion for the first time.

imdb rating: 7.8/10

Download here


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