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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Big Book of Being Rude (e-book)

Pages: 384 PDF Size: 49,8 MB

With more than 7,000 zingers, the right crushing retort is always at hand! No more thinking of an apt reply after it's too late: just store up a collection of choice rejoinders from over 1,000 ways to call somebody a fool and 600 ways to say someone's acting stupid. Pick from hundreds of little-known terms for know-it-alls, egotists, flatterers, and nags. Really want to hit below the belt?
Try a politically incorrect insult that zaps somebody for being too fat or thin, too young or old, or too socially unacceptable, sexually inept, or spiritually impoverished. So from now on, the weird, fussy, boring, loathsome and intolerable, or merely irritating had better watch out!

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