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Monday, February 2, 2009

One Piece Movie 3: Chopper Kingdom of Strange Animal Island (anime)

Info :
Size: 152+/- Mb
Format: Rm(vb) / Subbed
Type: Movie
Status: Complete
Alternative Title : One Piece: Chinjuujima no Chopper Oukoku
Categories : Comedy, Fantasy

When Luffy and co. stumble across a rumoured island hidden by clouds, there is much excitement. However, instead of hunting for treasure, the crew end up hunting for Chopper instead! And speaking of hunting, why are there 3 strange guys lurking on this island going after animals with horns? An action filled adventure awaits, and the island`s true treasure is discovered. Forget Pirate King, what would you say about becoming the Animal King?

Download anime here or here.

Credit goes to original uploader! Thanks to GamePlasa! Thanks a lot, mate!

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