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Thursday, March 19, 2009

25 Random Things About Me Tag

Dear Ami,

Thanks for giving me this tag. I've read yours and know a little bit more about you. Now I must hurry doing this tag since my hubby will arrive today and he's not so please if I ignore him by sitting in front of my laptop all day long like I used to Hahahaha

Here we go!

1. I'm pregnant now, curious waiting for my due date of delivering baby.
2. My hubby works in other island of this country.
3. I was the best college student when I gratuaded (silly, huh?)
4. Love the mini games!
5. Like to tickle on Kay's tummy qeqeqe
6. When I'm not pregnant, I like to move from one area to another, following my hubby's place of work.
7. Been to Sentosa Island with my hubby, too bad Kay didn't come along with us that time.
8. Always have bad experience at work. Dunno why those chicks always envy with me (sigh).
9. Be a house-wife and love it!
10. I can cook, you know..
11. Always love great gadgets like my hubby does.
12. Wanna build my own house with my own decor.
13. Love music so much.. any kind of musics..
14. Can't play guitar.. can only sing with terrible voice!
15. Love romantic comedy movies.. love Meg Ryan a lot!
16. Don't wear any make-up.. don't wear any jewelry..
17. I collect perfumes and watches.. not to mention collecting mini games... lol
18. My hubby and I like to buy clothes.. we already have more than our cabinets could hold!
19. Hate dirty untidy places, so I always like housekeeping.
20. Don't smoke but I like smoking guys! Somehow I've a weird thought that "no-smoking guys are not guy enough" (What the....)
21. Afraid to have female bestfriends (since I've been stabbed from the back twice by different female best friends). So sad..
22. Love the ice-cream, any flavours..
23. 80's rock musics, love them all! Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, Steelheart, Mr Big, etc.. you name it!
24. I love durian, some of you don't, right?
25. Love kissing.. don't you?

Well, done it.. I begin to addict of writing the tag.. should stop for it now.. haha! Thanks again for the tag, Ami.. Thanks for giving me so much fun of blogging! Good one, huh?

Anyone want this tag? Feel free to post it on your blog.. Enjoy the fun of blogging! Wheeeeeeeeee..


amiable amy said...

waaaa you areso funny hahaha...thanks for posting girl, i am not yet finish reading your post, i just need to say thank you for posting .... glad you answered it....longggg hahaha

amiable amy said...

oh my, you cook , that is an asset girl, thumbs up

that is so wonderful to know that you are pregnant, how i wish i am too...huhuhu really shows that you are the best girl because, you really mingles well, you write well and yeah...certainly YOU ARE THE BEST hahaha....bravo

Oh I love Meg Ryan too... You've Got Mail my friend...Sleepless in Seattle? hahaha...i love those

OMG! We agree on not wearing make up and not wearing jewelry, i only wear engagement ring and wedding ring hahaha

perfumes, gosh , we agree on that

woohh...really? well, i experienced having a friend who flirted my boyfriend and i really cut the friendship and i treat her so DEAD.....hahaha...she never existed....she said sorry , i forgave her but, i don't trust is her loss right? hahaha

wheww...see, i told you , we click as friends but we are opposite hahaha....capricorn and cancer hahaha...i don't like durian ...taste like heaven and smells like hell...ughhh

nice to know all these things about you girl...whewww

i will be giving you more tag out

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