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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Heart Tag

Wow, love the image of the tag! Love it, love it!

Thanks to Demcy for this.. love it, dear.. First time I saw this tag when I did blogwalking to a friend and wondering if someone could give me this heart tag. Since I love the image and I love the tag list.. appreciate it a lot, Dhemz.. Thank you!

Let's get started!

A. Attached or single? ~~~ Attached to my hubby on 2006.
B. Best friend? ~~~ My hubby.
C. Cake or pie? ~~~ Cake, for sure.
D. Day of choice? ~~~ Don't have any special day.
E. Essential item? ~~~ My gadgets.
F. Favorite colour? ~~~ Blue
G. Gummy bears or worms? ~~~ Gummy bears
H. Hometown? ~~~ Palembang, Indonesia
I. Favorite indulgence? ~~~ Music, travel and good food
J. January or July? ~~~ January because it's my birthday time.
K. Kids? ~~~ Two (for coming)!
L. Life isn’t complete without? ~~~ God, my hubby & children, my family and friends.
M. Marriage date? ~~~ February 19.
N. Number of magazine subscriptions: ~~~ Don't have for now since I could download the e-book or magazine
O. Oranges or apples? ~~~ Apples.
P. Phobias? ~~~ Nope.
Q. Quotes? ~~~ "To be or Not to be".
R. Reasons to smile? ~~~ When I see Kay.
S. Season of choice? ~~~ Anything.
T. Tag 5 people ~~~ Sera, Maya, Mbak Arum, Mbak Li and Mbak Ranie.
U. Unknown fact about me? ~~~ I am sensitive.
V. Vegetable? ~~~ carrot.
W. Worst habit? ~~~ never count my money at the wallet.
X. X-ray or ultrasound? ~~~ Ultrasound.
Y. Your favorite foods? ~~~ just great tasty food.
Z. Zodiac Sign? Capricorn.

Thanks for reading my post, guys! On my bike, haha! See ya..


Li said...

wah dapte Tag lg hehehe, ntar ya dikerjain nya, makasih teman.

Ranie said...

hehe..tag yg kemaren juga blm dikerjain....ntar postingannya disatuin ya...boleh kan?..thx ya....

zener_lie said...

aku suka gambarnya :)

gdpermana said...

aihh,, gambarnya.. seksi berat..hehe

Sera Melinda said...

Thx, i like the strawberry :)

amiable amy said...

did you know that my childhood best friend is a Capricorn too? hahaha, that is why we click...we are the opposite but, we became good friends... Happy wedding anniversary though it is belated... May your relationship grows stronger and your love binds you closer to each other and to God.

see you around

Tips PDA said...

weh stroberi nya nyempil dimana tu????

Blok c No.3 said...


ardi33 said...

wakakakak..gambar apaan tuh??

David Funk said...

Congrats on receiving this tag. It was a nice one to post indeed.

Well done my friend!

denani said...

Thanks for all the comments, guys..
Haha.. I knew you would love this tag..

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