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Friday, March 13, 2009

Candy Candy (Comic)

Author: Kyoko Mizuki - Yumiko Igarashi
Genre(s): drama, slice of life
Colour : Black & White

Story :
Candy is a six year old orphan who lives in a foster home near Lake Michigan with Ms. Pony and Sister Lynne (in some countries, her name is Sister Maria or Sister Mary). She was found by them when she was a baby together with Annie during a cold winter night.

One day, Annie is adopted by rich parents the Brightons (Britter in some countries). She writes letters to Candy but soon she tells her that her parents prefer that she forget about her past. Heartbroken, Candy goes to her favorite place, Pony's Hill, to cry but soon she hears the voice of a boy, asking her: "Little girl, you are prettier when you smile than when you".

The boy is dressed in a full Scottish outfit and carries a bagpipe. Candy is shocked by his outfit but soon they become friends and he plays the bagpipe for her. When she turns around to pick up Annie's letter, the boy mysteriously disappears.

Download size : 83.31 MB

Download here (from MegaUpload)

Credit goes to original uploader! Thanks to Tarzan! Thank you!

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