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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Friendly Blogger Award!

Another award in a row!!!!
This time Poison_Tech' tagged me.. thanks a lot, my friend.. Thank you, mate!

Our task for this award is simple.. there are 5 requirements to do!

1. Go get your camera and take a pic of yourself now.

2. Do not change your cloth, do not even tidy your hair!!!

3. Post the pic without any editing.

4. Post these 5 requirements along with the pic

5. Tag 10 people for this award

Tadaaaaaaaa... this is me (and Kay) within those 5 condition stated above.. qeqeqe

Now.. gotta tag 10 people.. let's see...

1. bpdp blog

2. BSE (Balada Siswa Edan)

3. De's Blog

4. e-je blog

5. ferrey

6. Gajah Blog

7. Gokil Woke

8. Herry ~ Software


10. ~ Thoughts For Women ~

Do the tasks, my friends.. I'll see you soon.. Image hosted by


sehat dengan reiki said...

Thanks a lot of an information for me, I'am so sorry to you, because I'am very-very busy this weeks. Editing and recording also to published news froms Studio Nine makes me so tired.
Go to the field in the morning and come back home in the middle of night makes my body so tired...tired.
But I'am very hapy to hear your condition in a good health, just keep on smiling, take care of your body, excercise with an easy meditation in order your spirit make a happy. Congcratulation to you and your family.

Faiz Robbani said...

lagi ga ada kamera nih nand..
o iya blog saya,,
indah kesini
diambil dulu boleh kan confirmnya ke blog yang satu lagi yey

genial said...

blogger award itu buat apa sih???

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