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Monday, March 9, 2009

Kreativ Award!

I went blogwalking today and arrived at Ami's blog.. She spreads this award to her fellow bloggers for free..

The rule is so simple.. Name 7 things that you love then pass this onto 7 other bloggers... That's it! Image hosted by

So I begin to think for a while and try to type my answers here..

1. I love my family
2. I love being MOM
3. I love ice cream so much!
4. I love listening to music
5. I love to see my baby when she laughs
6. I love great gadgets
7. I love when my hubby's hugging me

And the 7 winners of this award are......... (in random order). Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Image hosted by

Welcome To The Nightmare
VicaLuna Games
"Sophia Chu"
Ekspresi Diri
NovitaCu Games

Go get this award, my friends.. show me what you love! Image hosted by


' Li ' said...

makasih awardnya...ntar aq ambil yaa...^^

amiable amy said...

wow...I am so greatful you got that award, for doing so, i will feature your blog on it...that is just a compliment right? thanks for grabbing and posting

denani said...

Dear mbak Li,
Silakan diambil, mbak.. balas jasa yg kmrn hehe...

Dear Ami,
Many thanks, dear.. Yes, it's a very compliment ^_^

aa.LiL - Research said...

Hayoo semangat-semangat.... keep share

Sera Melinda said...

Whoa, thank u so much!!!
I'm sure gonna put it, but probably on Pictovista, hope that's ok (since u wrote Yelltale hehehe...)

Sophia Chu said...

thanks denani... nice of you giving me this award... :)

denani said...

Hi Sera,
Be my guest, dear.. Terserah mau ditaroh di mana, asal jgn di GP ajah.. :D

Hi Sophia,
Have u done the homework? ;)

nDed said...

ih keren..thanks bgt 'tuk Award'y..
klo mo diambil gmn caranya yach?!

Denani's Music World! said...

Hi Nded,

Di klik kanan mouse aja, "save picture as" seperti biasa. Trus upload gambarnya di postingan mu ;)

Smoga berhasil yah, Nded ^_^

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