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Thursday, March 12, 2009

PoBaby (funny flash)


Hi there! Howdy, mates!

It's been a long time since I haven't posted flash files. Tonight I'm in the mood of PoBaby!
Love the flash files.. so cute, funny and some of the flash files have a story behind.

Collect these flash files :

  • Trailer of PoBaby
    Download here

  • Moon Festival
    Download here

  • Good Luck
    Download here

  • Zorro 1
    Story :
    Pobaby is playing as a Zorro.. watch out for his sword!!!
    Download here

  • Uprooting The Willow Tree
    Story :
    On the hillside a crow sits in a willow tree. It caws from dawn to dusk so no one can rest under the tree. Pobaby tries to take a nap there, but the cawing crow won´t let him. He laughs at Pobaby´s attempts to scare him off. Pobaby puts his arms around the front of the tree and tries to pull it up. He pulls and pulls to no avail. He´s using his right hand (his strong hand), but he can´t budge it. He gives up and walks off to sleep instead under a rock.
    Ya comes along and tries to nap under the tree, but the crow wakes her, too, and she cries. Pobaby comes back to the tree to comfort Ya, but he can´t. Pobaby thinks and thinks, and finally inverts his upper body and wraps his right arm around the outside of the tree and his left arm around the inside near the body.
    Basically, he hugs the tree upside down. This enables him to use his body as a lever, the fulcrum being his waist, and he easily pulls up the willow tree. Pobaby and Ya then sit and gaze at the full moon, which is what Chinese families do on Mid-Autumn Festival night.

    Download here

  • Cream-colored Shirt
    Download here
I will post more if you like it! Trinity's mood Enjoy, guys...

Credit goes to! Thank you!

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