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Friday, April 17, 2009

Best Blogger Award

Once again David Funk shows his love for his blugger friends towards this award!
Thanks a bunch, David.. I wish I could give you awards too.. but seems like the awards passing by to your blog first.. Hehehehe Means that you have lotta friends who love you too..

Now, I'm going to give this award to all of you who read this post! Have a nice day everybody! Thank you!


David Funk said...


Did you just use the word "blugger"? LOL! That's funny because Maxi uses that word all the time, too.

When it comes to awards, I just pass it to those I feel deserve them whether they were mentioned for them before or not.

I'm really glad to see you getting back to being involved with blogging!

Best wishes always my dear friend!:)

denani said...

I copied the word from your post, David.. ^_^

Thanks for always supporting me, my friend..

lin said...


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