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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

13 Professional Magic Card Tricks DVDRip - Video Tutorial

Join the Magic Circle Close-Up Magician of the Year, Andrew Murray, as he performs thirteen of the World’s greatest, professional, easy-to-do card tricks. Recorded live and in the studio, witness the reactions these stunning card tricks have on members of the public, and then discover just how easy they are to do yourself!

All you need to supply is a deck of cards!


* INTERACTIVE MINDREADING - An incredible effect in which Andrew guesses your thought of card in an amazing and original way!
* CARD UNDER TABLECLOTH - A freely selected card vanishes. appearing under a table-cloth just seconds later! This one will fry their brains!
* UNDER MY SPELL - The definitive spelling trick!
* CLOCK MIRACLE - A freely thought of time is revealed by the magician in an Unbelievable, three-phase revelation.
* TWINS - The ‘twins’ of two randomly selected cards are found in a mind-bending manner!
* HUMMER’S 20 CARDS - Fool your fellow magicians with a routine that will have them completely confused and baffled!
* SHUFFLING LESSON - Chad Long’s amazing ‘Do As I Do’ routine. This effect alone is worth the price of the DVD!
* CHICAGO OPENER - A freely chosen card turns out to be the only card in the deck that has a different coloured back!
* FABULOUS FOUR ACES - An amazing multi-phase ace routine
* OUT OF THIS WORLD - Andrew’s handling of the famous Paul Curry routine
* TOPSY-TURVY CARDS -A freely selected card reveals itself in a surprising way after the deck is completely mixed. upside down and inside-out!
* IMPOSSIBLE LOCATION - The title says it all!
* MASTER POKER DEAL - The secrets of the Card Cheats!
* THE LAST TRICK OF DR. DALEY - An amazing four-card transposition!
* BONUS CHAPTERS - Brilliant false cut and shuffling techniques

Description: Total running time: 1 hour, 45 minutes. Multi-Region

Download video here :

Credit goes to maxdugan! Thank you!

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