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Friday, May 15, 2009

"Eight Things" Tag

Once again, I got tagged by Amy. A very charming lady who has great blogs and stories to share. I always love visiting her blogs and get new knowledges from there.. as well as some laughters.. Hahahaha

Thanks a lot for the tag, Amy... Friends forever!

8 Things I am looking forward to:
1. Buy a house in Bogor
2. Go to any Disneyland
3. Change my notebook with the new one (I have it already from my hubby, but it uses Vista as the OS and I love the old one, XP. So I still use this old notebook and my new one is only use for gaming!)
4. Eat my fave steak at Platinum resto!
5. Have a cup of hot milk
6. Enjoy the afternoon with my hubby by playing basketball
7. Free from the flu disease.. I got flu again.. hatttchiiiii...
8. Share this tag to you! Wheeeeeeeeee..

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. I got a massage.... so relaxing...
2. Smiling, coz I see Kay really have fun playing with her Papa.
3. Playing a new game.. DinerTown Tycoon!
4. Eating pempek.. our traditional food.. so yummy!
5. Posting some musics at my blog
6. Enjoying the rain..
7. Watching "American Best Dance Crew"! Really enjoy the show!!!
8. Breast-feeding.. as always.. qeqeqe

8 Things that I wish I could do:
1. Wish I could make my family happier than ever
2. Wish I could earn money at my Paypal account so I could donate more!
3. Wish I could fly! (Is that a title of a song??? LOL)
4. Wish I could speak in Mandarin and French
5. Wish I could start my cooking lesson soon
6. Wish I could have more babies.. (My hubby says : "Whattttt??") qeqeqe
7. Wish I could have my own business which is own an internet cafe..
8. Wish I could be the best Mom & house-wife in the world! Haha!

8 Shows That I Watch:
Oprah Winfrey, Just Alvin, Kick Andy, Untung Ada Budi, The Master, Be A Man, Dahsyat, Missing Lyrics
But I don't watch it regularly.. only when I have time.. you know lah.. Yeah

That's it!

Now I'm sharing this tag to : David Funk, Demcy, Chuchie, GD Permana and Maxi. Have fun, guys! Friends forever!


Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Wow, thanks for this tag..since i got this already i will put ur link nalang sa akong blog post about this tag.. can we xlink?

denani said...

Dear Chuchie,
I've added your link a long time ago :)
Thanks for being my blogger-friend..

David Funk said...

Thanks Denani for the tag. I don't watch as much TV either. I hope you get free from the flu, too!

Thanks again my dear friend!:)

denani said...

Many thanks, Mr David!
Nice to see you here :D

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