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Monday, June 1, 2009

Favorite Blogs Award Seal

I'm back!!!!
After a while I've been busy by something important.. now just let it flows..

Been tagging by my beloved friend, David Funk.
So amazing that Mr David always remember mentioning my name on the list.. Great buddy! Thanks, David.. Friends forever! Couldn't say more to express how grateful I am to have such a nice friend like you!

~Begin Copy~

This is the easiest and the fastest way to:
- Make your Authority Technorati explode.
- Increase your Google Page Rank.
- Get more traffic to your blog.
- Makes more new friends.

The rules is very simple as follows :
- Start copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy” to your blog.
- Put your own blog name and link.
- Tag your friends as much as you can.

My blog is "denani's world!" and my link url is :

Now, it's my turn to pass this award to the following bloggers regardless of if you've received this award already or not :
Amiable Amy
Anna Fardiana
Arti Irhamna
Blog aa.LiL
BSE (Balada Siswa Edan)
Business Matters
Chuchie's Hideaway
Ekspresi Diri
gdpermana's blog
Jonk - Katropolis
Kucing Bunted

Just like David said, I have many people on Friend's Link List, so it is tough for me to remember you all at one time. So feel free to grab this award if I didn't mention you Peace yo!

~End Copy~

See you around, mates.. Image hosted by


artiirhamna said...

terima kasih awardnya...
saya tampung dulu,,
mungkin nanti saya posting...
karena saya masih mengurusi postingan untuk lomba gawai blogger...
thx ya...

gdpermana said...

waduuuh bu,, terima kasih yahh,, yang kemaren aja belum diapa2in.. makasih, maksih... apa kabar bu?he

J O N K said...

wuahhhh, terimakasih ya mba :), nanti saya posting

David Funk said...

Thanks for posting this award and the very kind words. I'm thankful for having a very kind and supportive friend like you, too.

Best wishes always!

amiable amy said...

oyy, thank you girl for remembering me too... i will post this soon okay?

Li said...

makasih say..
duh makasih banget..^^

denani said...

You're welcome, guys! ^_^
Have a nice days...

Dhemz said...

wohooo..thanks for adding me Mami Den.....will grab this soon for's your lil one doing? did you get enough sleep yet?

anna fardiana said...

makasih... :)
aku ambil awardnya!!!

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