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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Magic Knight Rayearth OVA - Anime

* Genre: Action
* Movie Type: Anime, Fantasy Adventure
* Themes: Fantasy Lands, Heroic Mission, Lost Worlds
* Release Year: 1997

Plot :
This three-part OVA series is unrelated to the original Magic Knight Rayearth series except for the same character designs, names, and a few other similarities. Magic Knight Rayearth OVA offers a bleak look at a still and silent Tokyo, overrun by an evil ice witch. Can four young, untrained girls called the Magic Knights summon the power to fuse with massive warriors of extreme strength and power and unseat the evil queen? Their inexperience could prevent them from accomplishing their goal, or even from keeping the power from running amok once they attain it.
(~ Cammila Albertson, All Movie Guide )

Download movie here :

Credit goes to original uploader! Many thanks, dude!

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The download manager says that it'll take 20 or more days to end the download!

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